About the Foundation

The Institute For Community is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to building quality relationships where people live and work, through the power of genuine community.

They work to solve problems of social isolation and start on a personal level, improving the quality of life for individual residents which encourages community engagement that benefits the local community.

By applying the principles of asset-based community development, the IFC spearheads programs that connect residents to each other and their neighborhoods, creating lasting change in individuals, relationships, and entire communities.

Check out this heartfelt and compelling documentary that shines a light on the success Highpoint Community Apartments has experienced in partnering with the Institute for Community. 


Highlighted within are the endeavors undertaken through this partnership which illustrates the transformative impact it’s had on countless lives. The documentary sheds light on the array of programs offered including:

  1. The creation of affinity groups
  2. The nurturing environment of the Montessori children’s school
  3. Powerful stories of the individuals whose lives have been touched and uplifted by the caring embrace of people in the community. 

Perhaps the most compelling aspect is the blueprint this success story provides for fostering community, not just within Highpoint’s walls but as a guiding light for communities worldwide.