Beneficiaries of last years (2023) charity golf outing:

Food Distribution Programs: 

  • Over 5,000 meals served annually 

Community Life Program

  • Supported the function of 10 community life teams across the country

Marquette Cares

  • Contributes tens of thousands of dollars a year to families in need. 

Friendship Center & Creative Arts Center (CAC) at Highpoint

  • Provided scholarships for summer camps, after school and teen leadership programs
  • Helped construct “The Underground” arts studio

Here are several of the programs that benefit from the Marquette Golf Event:

The Family Resource Centre has positively impacted countless families by offering support in various forms, including before and after school care, academic enrichment, preschool, and adult support groups. Last year’s event helped to provide scholarships for students in the areas of after school, summer camp and leadership development as well as help to build out The Underground, a performing arts center at Highpoint Community.

The Community Life program, which aims to build communities across the country by connecting residents to each other, their interests, and valuable services in their neighborhoods through asset mapping techniques.

The Marquette Cares program, a unique initiative that has helped over 150 qualified individuals make it through tragic or difficult times.